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Projects & Council Initiatives

Socioeconomic Block Q Ladue Estate Planning Study Report

Block Q Ladue Estate Planning Study Final Report presented to Committee of the Whole on February 15, 2021. 

CW21-13 zoom audio recording June, 1st, 2021 - we are working on getting a link available for the whole video recording, please check back shortly.

Single Use Plastics Bylaw #2019-10

The Single Use Plastics Bylaw #2019-10 had third and final reading on February 12, 2020 and comes into force as of April 22, 2020. The purpose of the bylaw is to:

  1. to regulate the business use of single use plastics to reduce the creation of waste and associated municipal costs,
  2. to better steward municipal property, including sewers, streets and parks, and 
  3. to promote responsible and sustainable business practices that are consistent with the values of the community.

Canadian Bank of Commerce NHS : Stabilization

You might have seen some activity around the Canadian Bank of Commerce NHS in spring of 2019. 

In advance of the 2019 work a temporary mesh cover was placed over the east and south facades to deter the nesting of swallows. Thanks to Wildstone Construction and Engineering who assisted the City of Dawson to install the mesh cover.  A special thanks to Mike Loiseau, Wildstone Site Superintendent at the Water Treatment Plant and Josh Wittmeier, Wildstone Lift Operator, for their expertise and generosity.

Technical Arts and Services of Tagish, YT was awarded the contract to provide a complete set of extant record drawings to document existing dimensions, materials, and conditions to guide future restoration work. 

Williams Construction of Dawson City, YT was awarded the contract to remove the stair on the west elevation (riverside) and complete the framing to restore the building openings to the pattern during the period of commemoration.  This is the first step in returning the exterior of the building to its original design.

Ultimate Construction Inc. of Barrie, ON was awarded the contract to restore the exterior pressed tin on all four sides of the building.  This is specialized and exciting work.  See their link for more on this contractor  This work was the last work scheduled for this year.

Planning for 2020 currently in progress and may include exterior pressed tin restoration and painting.

Council unanimously passed the following resolution at their meeting on October 7, 2019. 

WHEREAS human-generated climate change is an indisputable, scientifically proven reality, and

WHEREAS climate change affects everyone, with northerners particularly susceptible to its impacts, and

WHEREAS greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuel combustion is a leading cause of climate change, and

WHEREAS it’s up to everyone to respond to the challenge of climate change and all citizens of the City of Dawson are encouraged to find ways to do, and continuing doing, their part in reducing their environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Dawson Council directs the following:

As part of the upcoming budget-planning process, the CAO determines the municipality’s annual fuel consumption, in litres, and advise how the City of Dawson will reduce that number by at least 3% in 2020 and track the financial savings.

As part of the upcoming budget-planning process, the CAO determines the municipality’s annual electricity consumption and advise how the City of Dawson will reduce that number by at least 3% in 2020 and track the financial savings.

As part of the upcoming budget-planning process, the CAO prioritizes at least one of Council’s climate-change ideas generated as part of the climate-strategy planning process and ensure it is in the 2020 budget presented to Council.

That any municipal carbon-tax rebates received from, at a minimum, 2020 to 2025 be directed to a reserve fund with the express purpose of paying for municipal initiatives aimed at limiting environmental impacts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and that the CAO advise before September 30, 2020, on how that money will be accessed by departments.

That managers continue the practice of calculating carbon emissions in lifecycle costing of vehicle purchases.

That from now on, authors of briefing notes to Council consider, to the best of their ability, climate and environmental impacts and include that information in the “implications” or “analysis” section of those briefing notes.

That before March 31, 2020, the CAO advises on reasonable changes to the Procurement Policy that would give preference to contractors and service providers who limit greenhouse gas emissions and have a demonstrated commitment to green business practices.

That before March 31, 2020, the CAO and managers complete the FCM climate-adaption maturity scale tool and the greenhouse gas emissions reduction maturity scale and report the results back to Council.

That the City of Dawson continue to be a willing and engaged partner in implementing the Yukon’s Climate Change Strategy.

That water coolers be removed from all City of Dawson buildings and compost-collection containers be introduced.

That the Mayor write a letter to the Yukon Government Community Services Minister (and forward it to Council) on the first of every month until petroleum hydrocarbon containers are included in the Designated Material Regulations and petroleum products are considered as an item for Extended Producer Responsibility.


The Development Incentive Program was approved by Council on August 12, 2019. The program underwent an extensive review and a new Development Incentives Policy was adopted.


There is currently a need for rental housing- including supportive, affordable rental, and market housing, in the City of Dawson. The purpose is to provide financial incentives for projects that provide rental units, supportive housing, and multi-unit residential buildings; and convert vacant properties into more beneficial uses.


  • 5 year tax grants for development of vacant land within the Historic Townsite 
  • 10 year tax grants for market rental housing 
  • 10 year tax grants for supportive housing or affordable rental housing, PLUS a waiver of development fees and load capacity charges
  • 3 years of a preferred tax grant for secondary suites, PLUS a waiver of development fees, load capacity charges, and parking requirements.
If you would like more information, please contact

Community Development & Planning Services

Community Development Officer
Phone: 867-993-7400 Ext. 414

Work with Conservation Klondike Society on the planning and design of a new diversion center and diversion programs.

  • Awaiting final scope from YG for tendering design. Assistance from Raven Recycling was sought to assist with scope. 
  • Next steps include tendering for the design, determining funding source, and determining who, City or the Infrastructure Development Branch, will lead project.

Collect oil containers locally, and a hazardous waste shed in 2019 budget.

  • On hold until staffing reassessment that will coincide with regional agreements.

Heritage Bylaw Updates

In February and March of 2019, YG Historic Sites provided funding to the City of Dawson to review all of the heritage-related bylaws. From this review, the heritage bylaws were improved to increase clarity, ease of interpretation, and consistency. The overall result of this has been a new consolidated bylaw to efficiently manage the City of Dawson's Heritage Program. Mayor and Council gave third and final reading to the Heritage Bylaw on November 20, 2019.

Next Steps

  • Amendments to the Heritage Management Plan
  • Development of a Municipal Heritage Inventory to compliment the Yukon Historic Sites Inventory
  • Implementation of Historic Resources Permits
  • Creation of a Development & Heritage Guide

North End Residential Development

  • Encroachment reviews ongoing.
  • Determining next steps with respect to risk assessment work.
  • Construction tender anticipated to be released Winter 2020.
  • Detailed design to commence shortly, with construction anticipated to start Spring 2021, and lots available Fall 2021 (market value appraisals required to determine lot pricing).

Dome Road Residential Development

  • The City and the Government of Yukon are working together to pursue the residential development of 4 development areas along Dome Road.
  • The Dome Road future subdivision master planning process commenced as of Fall 2020. This process will include:
    • Refining the Slinky West Design Charrette products, analyzing survey responses, and reporting information back to the community and participants in the form of a final charrette report;
    • Community engagement- throughout the Master Planning process, 
      • Further engagement activities will occur, dates TBD
    • Development potential briefing report and consolidated background document;
    • Final master plan and neighbourhood design;
    • YESAB submission.

Slinky West Design

On December 3-5th 2019, The City of Dawson and the Government of Yukon held a design charrette for the Slinky West area to determine future residential development of the area. The purpose of the charrette was to allow members of the community to collaborate at a high level on a vision for the area surrounding broad themes like housing, transportation, trails, parks, and neighbourhood amenities. Please view the schedule, background report and appendices for more information.

Please view the Charrette Record for the outcomes of this charrette including a summary of the charrette, results, deliverables, and next steps.

A survey was circulated and open between January 2020 and June 2020. The purpose of the survey was to build upon the ideas generated in the charrette sessions and allow for more input from the broader community.

The information obtained through the Slinky West Design Charrette will be used in the Dome Road master planning process.

Industrial / Mixed Use Parcels

  • 3 identified sites have recently been assessed for geotechnical feasibility, with heritage and environmental assessments underway.
  • Planning work and concept development for sites 1 and 2 is currently underway.
  • Early geotechnical information recently received suggest poor ground conditions which is expected to limit development potential in site 3. Currently awaiting more information to inform decisions moving forward on this site.

Dredge Pond Phase II

  • Evaluate Dredge Pond Phase II design to determine if it still fits with development in that area.
  • More information forthcoming.

Vacant Land Development

  • Lands Development Branch and the City are working on identifying existing vacant surveyed lots for potential development;
  • 2 lots currently identified have feasibility work commencing shortly;
  • Lands Development Branch in process of hiring GIS mapping expertise to assist in compiling the information spatially (both YG found areas and City’s list of potential lots to be developed).

Pre-design and conceptual plan for new recreation facility that includes site selection and public engagement. We have a page dedicated to this project, click here to visit it:

New website for the City of Dawson

  • New website launched November 2019.

  • A website is a living document and we encourage users to provide their feedback so that we can continue to make improvements and roll out new features.

Recreation Board, Community Grants, Temporary Road Closure & Facility Use Policy and Programs

  • Currently under a combined review as these policies and programs all interact with each other. 
  • The review is currently at the department head level. Internal first draft to be circulated to department heads by the end of the year.

Records Management Policy & Program Development

  • Internal discussions are ongoing regarding the implementation on a retention schedule and how to dispose of records beyond the retention requirements.

Reserves Bylaw Review

  • An internal review of the Reserves Bylaw and reserves is currently underway.  An updated bylaw is expected to accompany budget and property tax work for 2022.

Procurement policy Review

  • A new Procurement Policy was passed by Council on September 21, 2021. Click here to view Procurement Policy #2021-03. 

Management Bylaw Review

  • No progress to report at this time.

Business License Bylaw Review

  • No progress to report at this time.

The City of Dawson has approved the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) that will set the strategic direction for its delivery of parks and recreation over the next decade. 

Implement the road map provided in the solid waste assessment in steps to achieve measurable results in operations at the landfill.

  • This road map encompassed long term goals at the solid waste facility as well as with diversion. Pieces such as diversion are updated below and under the Diversion Center heading.

Re-design current operations at the solid waste facility – cell plan.

  • Current cells of divertible waste (metals) are filling quickly and discussion of removal are ongoing with YG regarding a contractor to remove this waste from the facility.

Evaluate the collection system and determine operational efficiencies in the short and long term.

  • Collecting data on waste collection – commercial vs. residential ongoing. Service standards discussion to take place once data is compiled.

Continue discussions with YG on regional agreements.

  • Draft Agreement received from YG. Once internal review and comments are compiled this will be scheduled for a Committee of the Whole meeting towards the end of 2019.

For the residents of the City of Dawson who are not currently connected to the utility infrastructure for water, it is important to have a reasonable system to have water delivered to their residence/business.

  • Work on the water delivery bylaw and services will commence following the work for the Water Metering Design Program.

Build the bleeder education program into the regular operations of ensuring a sustainable and efficient water system.

  • Program continues to be incorporated into regular operations and completed 5% 2019, 10% 2020.

Design the water meter program, determine costs and timelines for implementation.

  • Scope of work has been prepared and the RFP is available by contacting Vanessa Murphy, PW Administrative Officer at Tender closes February 17, 2020 2:00pm.


Comprehensive assessments of our water and sewer infrastructure have identified necessary upgrades to both condition and capacity, including our new pumphouse and water treatment equipment on 5th Avenue and soon, the associated reservoirs. 

City of Dawson and Government of Yukon have been working together to implement these over the last several years. Funding has been provided by Government of Canada, Government of Yukon and the City of Dawson.

Through this page we provide you with the latest updates and information on when any necessary disruption to services, access or roads will occur. These are being minimized and impacted property owners will also be contacted directly.

For further information please email, follow our Facebook page or call our special liaison number 867-993-3792.

Please note that when we provide scheduling projections these are based upon the best available information at the time of publication. In this way we endeavor to assist residents and businesses in planning but schedules may change, subject to ground conditions, delivery of materials and other unforeseen circumstances.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos

Asbestos Exposure Control Plan

For Current Road Closures & Information

SUMMER 2022 Projects

Funded by Clean Water Wastewater Fund

All contracts awarded to P.S. Sidhu Trucking

  1. Water and Sewer Upgrades – 5th Avenue

From Church Street to Turner Street

Estimated Timetable: Early April to Late May

We are increasing the size (diameter) of the sanitary sewer pipes, which are currently undersized for the existing and future wastewater flows. This increased capacity will accommodate the full flow from the York Street Lift Station force main and relieve venting issues on Sixth Avenue.

Water mains are being replaced with larger diameter pipes because the current pipes are undersized for current and future demand.

We are extending the storm sewer along 5th Avenue from Turner Street to Minto Park to alleviate surface drainage issues in this area.

  1. Sewer Upgrades – 3rd Avenue

From Albert Street to York Street

Estimated Timetable: Early May to Early July

We will replace the sanitary sewer because inspection reports have indicated severe sagging and deformities in the existing pipe.

For both projects you can expect:

  • Installation of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer piping buried under the roadway.
  • Installation of new service connections from the mains to property lines, and for some public  buildings, from the mains right to the buildings.
  • Road closures and traffic re-routing; large and deep excavations; heavy equipment and people working in trenches; gravel hauling; temporary water and sewer service interruptions; temporary alternate accesses; material storage onsite (pipes and manholes and other materials); landscaping and sidewalk restoration at end of job.

Other Ongoing Maintenance

There may be ongoing construction work around town to complete projects and to maintain infrastructure around town. If this maintenance affects traffic flow or businesses, we will give as much notice as possible.