Missing Pets & Welfare Concerns

If you encounter an emergency situation in which someone could be harmed by an animal, such as a dangerous animal at large or an attack, immediately contact Bylaw Services (867-993-7400 ext. 413). If you are unable to contact Bylaw Services, please contact the RCMP. A missing pet or an animal at large does not constitute an emergency.

Missing Pet 
Losing a pet can be a worrying time for owners. If you have a missing pet or find a missing pet in the Dawson area, please contact Bylaw Services at 867-993-7400 ext. 413 or Humane Society Dawson at 867-993-6900.
At-large cats and dogs will be impounded and sheltered at the Humane Society. A cat or dog running at large creates safety issues for the public and is a violation under the Animal Control Bylaw.
Ensuring your pet has an up-to-date pet licence with up-to-date contact details is helpful in a missing pet situation and assists in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Bylaw Services and the Humane Society will check incoming animals for pet licence tags and get in touch.

Welfare Concerns
Treating animals in a humane manner is the right thing to do. If you see animals in pain or distress or if you have a concern regarding the welfare of an animal, please contact Bylaw Services.

Reporting Concerns & Enforcement
Bylaw Services responds to concerns reported under the Animal Control Bylaw.

To report a concern, please submit a Bylaw Complaint or contact:

Bylaw Services
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Phone: 867-993-7400 ext. 413
Email: bylawofficer@cityofdawson.ca