Dredge Pond Subdivision Phase II Master Planning


The City of Dawson and the Government of Yukon are proud to present a Master Plan for the Dredge Pond II Subdivision. The Dredge Pond II Master Plan, prepared by 3Pikas (‘the consultant’), is a significant step towards a multi-phase residential development in Dawson City. The planning area covers 143 hectares and is located 8 km east of downtown Dawson City along the Klondike River. The development is taking place on vacant Commissioner's Land.


  • The final buildout of the Dredge Pond II Subdivision is 40 country residential lots which equates to approximately 88 people.
  • The Dredge Pond II is intended to incorporate extant natural areas and to respond to natural features.
  • The development concept is based on a development pattern comparable to the adjacent Dredge Pond Subdivision and other existing developments along the Klondike River valley.
  • The layout and design of the lots complies with municipal and environmental regulations including minimum zoning setbacks and Environmental Health setbacks. Standard single detached dwellings with or without a garden suite can be built on the lots.
  • Dredge Pond II covers an area of 143 hectares (353 acres). A little less than one-third of the area is devoted to housing. The 40 residential lots are divided into three residential clusters. These clusters provide infrastructure, services, and cost advantages.
  • Roads would be either gravel or BST. All lots would be serviced with overhead power. Lot owners would be responsible for installing private water and sanitary servicing.
  • Roughly 50% of the total developable area is reserved as open space for recreation, habitat, and flood protection. In addition, less than a quarter of the land is designated for heritage use and protection of dredge tailings, cultural landscape, and heritage resources. Much of this area cannot be developed as residential lots as they are either adjacent to the river, are low-lying, or have geotechnical constraints.
  • The Master Plan includes a central playground, walkways that facilitate non-motorized trail use in the neighbourhood, and a historic park that safeguards one of the last remaining sections of dredge tailings within the municipal boundary.


Engagement Activities

January 2022

A survey was open during the month of January 2022 to solicit community input. A well-attended webinar was held on January 11, 2022. Guided by the project team, this webinar focused on sharing information about the project and developing a vision and principles to guide the design of the subdivision. This session was recorded and is available to view below. The results from this survey and engagement were analyzed, summarized into the What We Heard Report and used in decision-making that yielded the Conceptual Design Options.

Jan 11, 2022 Webinar

June-July 2022

Following the previous engagement activities in early 2022, 3Pikas produced Conceptual Design Options for the subdivision. This survey sought community feedback on the two options prior to proceeding with the development of the Master Plan. This survey was available between June 13 and July 3, 2022.

Completed Work to Date

  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Environmental site assessment
  • Hydrology and flood assessments
  • Heritage resource impact assessment

What's Happening Now

3Pikas has delivered the final version of the masterplan, which can be viewed here

Next Steps

Next, the Dredge Pond 2 Master Plan will be forwarded to Council for adoption.