Dredge Pond Subdivision Phase II Master Planning


The City of Dawson and the Government of Yukon are embarking on a Master Plan for the Dredge Pond II Subdivision. The Master Plan will provide a detailed direction for this future neighbourhood, including residential lots, parks and protected areas, and trail connections.

The parcel is currently designated as Future Residential Planning in the City of Dawson Official Community Plan and currently zoned Future Planning. An amendment to the OCP and Zoning Bylaw will be required before moving forward with development. The envisioned development is a country residential neighbourhood (serviced with private wells / water delivery and septic / holding tanks).

The planning area is approximately 142 ha – an area as big as the Historic Townsite. However, not all of this area is suitable for residential development. Areas will need to be set aside for other uses and reasons such as riparian buffers along the Klondike River, unsuitable development areas, parks and protected areas, and preservation of some historic dredge tailing areas.

As we embark on the planning process, we would like to know what would make Dredge Pond II a truly amazing neighbourhood. Your input will be used to inform the vision, principles, and considerations to guide the design of the subdivision.

For a more detailed, higher resolution map, click here.

Engagement Activities

January 2022

A survey was open during the month of January 2022 to solicit community input. A well-attended webinar was held on January 11, 2022. Guided by the project team, this webinar focused on sharing information about the project and developing a vision and principles to guide the design of the subdivision. This session was recorded and is available to view below. The results from this survey and engagement were analyzed, summarized into the What We Heard Report and used in decision-making that yielded the Conceptual Design Options.

Jan 11, 2022 Webinar

June-July 2022

Following the previous engagement activities in early 2022, 3Pikas produced Conceptual Design Options for the subdivision. This survey sought community feedback on the two options prior to proceeding with the development of the Master Plan. This survey was  available between June 13 and July 3, 2022.

Completed Work to Date

  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Environmental site assessment
  • Hydrology and flood assessments
  • Heritage resource impact assessment

Next Steps

High-level next steps for this project includes:

  • The development of the preferred concept plan
  • The creation of the planning and pre-design report which includes:
    1. Final development boundaries
    2. Final neighborhood vision and principles
    3. Neighborhood concept
    4. Recommended zoning and subdivision layout
    5. Proposed historic park boundary, site elements and next steps
    6. Preliminary engineering (all phases)
    7. Class C cost estimates
    8. Consultation and engagement summary
  • OCP and Zoning Bylaw amendments
  • YESAA process
  • Detailed design
  • Construction and subdivision approval
  • Lot release