The Scoop on Poop

Keeping Our Community Clean and Healthy!

Whether on public or private property, please pick up after your pet. Pet excrement is unsanitary, unsightly, and a health hazard.

The best way to pick up after your pet is to carry a plastic bag with you while you and your pet are out and about. Once you remove the feces, tie the bag and drop it in the nearest City of Dawson garbage container. Remember to wash your hands as soon as you get home.

For your convenience, there are dog-bag dispensers throughout town. If you find a dog-bag dispenser in need of a refill, please contact Bylaw Services.

Do your part in keeping our community clean and healthy by being a responsible pet owner and cleaning up after your pet.

Reporting Concerns & Enforcement
To ensure a safe, clean, and healthy community and avoid an unpleasant and unsanitary nuisance to neighbors, it is the law to pick up after your pet and ensure waste does not build up in your own yard. 

Bylaw Services responds to concerns reported under the Animal Control Bylaw and the Property Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement BylawTo report a concern, please submit a Bylaw Complaint or contact:

Bylaw Services
Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Phone: 867-993-7400 ext. 413