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When is a Signage Permit Required? 
In general, the erection, display, alteration, replacement, or relocation of any sign within the historic townsite requires a development [sign] permit. 

Application Requirements

To ensure the City’s interests are met and to appropriately assess the merits and technical aspects of your proposal, the City requires submission of a number of information items with your application, listed below. 

  • Signage design(s)

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and that the development officer or the Heritage Advisory Committee may require additional materials than noted above.  

Approval Timeline

According to the Yukon Municipal Act, s.299: on receipt* of such an application, the development officer shall, within 30 days, 

  1. grant the permission;
  2. refuse the permission;
  3. grant the permission with specified conditions;
  4. defer making a decision in respect of the application for a period not exceeding 60 days from the date of the application.

*An application shall not be considered to have been received until all application requirements have been submitted to the satisfaction of a Development Officer.


Please note that all signage applications require consultation with the Heritage Advisory Committee, which may impose additional time to processing permits. Regularly scheduled HAC meetings take place only twice monthly. 

9.1 No signs shall be erected within the City except those provided for in this bylaw.

  1. 9.2  Unless exempted under section 4.2, the erection, display, alteration, replacement, or relocation of a sign requires a development permit.
  2. 9.3 Signs shall be of either a fixed, free-standing, or projecting type and shall conform to the requirements listed in the following schedule:

1.    It is generally preferred for signs to be painted on wooden or canvas panels, supported by wooden frames 

2.    The Heritage Advisory Committee do not make any decisions regarding the color of designs

3.   Click here for the Heritage Design Guidelines

4.   Click here for the list of approved fonts