Right of Way Closure/Boardwalk Removal

When is a Right of Way Closure/Boardwalk Removal Permit Required? 

A development [right of way closure] permit is required before any section of a street, road, or boardwalk can be blocked off to traffic. A development [boardwalk removal] permit is required before any section of a boardwalk can be removed.

Application Requirements

To ensure the City’s interests are met and to appropriately assess the merits and technical aspects of your proposal, the City requires submission of a number of information items with your application, listed below. 


Road Closure

  • Plan of Road Closure
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance for a minimum amount of two million ($2,000,000.00) naming the City of Dawson as an additional insured. 


Boardwalk Removal

  • Plan of Boardwalk Removal 


Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and that the development officer or the Heritage Advisory Committee may require additional materials than noted above.  


Timeline of Approval  

According to the Yukon Municipal Act, s.299: on receipt* of such an application, the development officer shall, within 30 days, 

  1. grant the permission;
  2. refuse the permission;
  3. grant the permission with specified conditions;
  4. defer making a decision in respect of the application for a period not exceeding 60 days from the date of the application.

*An application shall not be considered to have been received until all application requirements have been submitted to the satisfaction of a Development Officer.


Terms and Conditions

(a)Formally notify all businesses, organisations and individual residents in the affected areas of the planned closure.

(b) When required by the CAO, notify any other business, organisation or individual as identified by the CAO.

(c) When required by the CAO, advertise appropriately, placing notices in the local papers, rolling advertisements and on Local radio stations prior to any closure taking place.

(d) Provide Certificate of Liability insurance for a minimum amount of two million ($2,000,000.00) dollars, or an amount of greater value if indicated below under Special Permit Conditions; naming the City of Dawson as an additional insured. Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the City, in a form acceptable to the City, a minimum of three (3) days prior to the closure.

(e) Ensure that access for emergency vehicles is available at all times and must not block fire hydrants, driveways or emergency access to buildings.

(f) Follow all requirements of the Occupation Health and Safety Regulations and observe all legislation, bylaws, policies and regulations.

(g) Abide by all permit conditions.

(h) Co-operate with and take direction from all peace officers.

(i) Clean up all debris and waste after the activity is over.

(j) Restore any disturbed or damaged surface works to City standards, unless otherwise directed by the CAO.

(k) Indemnify and save harmless the City of Dawson from and against any and all claims, including without limiting the foregoing all claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by, arising from or connected with any act or omission of the applicant or any agent, employee, customer, licensee or invitee of the application, and against and from all liabilities, expense costs and legal or other fees incurred in respect of any such claims or actions or proceedings brought thereon arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the property, facilities or services of the City.