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We expect further road closures this summer to allow for the safe and efficient progress of our water and sewer upgrade projects. We understand and apologize for the inconvenience during these essential works and thank all our residents and visitors for your patience.

We will continue to provide further information on all the road closures and our scheduling below as soon as it is available, and through all our other communications tools.

Please note that any schedule projections we show are based upon the best available information at the time of publication. In this way we endeavor to assist residents and businesses in planning but schedules may change, subject to ground conditions, delivery of materials and other unforeseen circumstances.

For further information please email, follow our Facebook page or call our special liaison number 867-993-3792.


5th Avenue between Church and Turner Street

Estimated Timetable: Early April to Late May


3rd Avenue between York and Albert Street

Estimated Timetable: Early May to Early July


These closures will be completed in block length segments such that only one intersection will be closed at any one time.