2020 Water & Sewer Upgrade Projects

Comprehensive assessments of our water and sewer infrastructure have identified necessary upgrades to both condition and capacity, including our new pumphouse and water treatment equipment on 5th Avenue and soon,  the associated reservoirs.

City of Dawson and Government of Yukon have been working together to implement these over the last several years. Funding has been provided by Government of Canada, Government of Yukon and the City of Dawson.

Through this page we provide you with the latest updates and information on when any necessary disruption to services, access or roads will occur. These are being minimized and impacted property owners will also be contacted directly.

For further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., follow our Facebook page or call us in Public Works at 993-7400.

 Please note that when we provide scheduling projections these are based upon the best available information at the time of publication. In this way we endeavor to assist residents and businesses in planning but schedules may change, subject to ground conditions, delivery of materials and other unforeseen circumstances.

**Naturally Occurring Asbestos

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 Funded by Clean Water Wastewater Fund:

1. Water and Sewer Upgrades – 5th Avenue

Contract awarded to P.S. Sidhu Trucking: 

a.  From Princess Street to Harper Street

b.  From Harper Street to Craig Street

We will increase the size (diameter) of the sanitary sewer pipes, which are currently undersized for the existing and future wastewater flows. This increased capacity will accommodate the full flow from the York Street Lift Station force main and relieve venting issues on Sixth Avenue.

Water mains are being replaced on 5th Avenue between Church and Princess Street with larger diameter pipes because the current pipes are undersized for current and future demand.

We are extending the storm sewer along 5th Avenue from Turner Street to Minto Park to alleviate surface drainage issues in this area.

2.    Water and Sewer Upgrades – 3rd Avenue

From Albert Street to King Street

We will replace the sanitary sewer because inspection reports have indicated severe sagging and deformities in the existing pipe.

For both projects you can expect:

      Installation of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer piping buried under the roadway.

      Installation of new service connections from the mains to property lines, and for some public  buildings, from the mains right to the buildings.

   Road closures and traffic re-routing; large and deep excavations; heavy equipment and people working in trenches; gravel hauling; temporary water and sewer service interruptions; temporary alternate accesses; material storage onsite (pipes and manholes and other materials); landscaping and sidewalk restoration at end of job.     

Other Ongoing Maintenance

There may be ongoing construction work around town to complete projects and to maintain infrastructure around town. If this maintenance affects traffic flow or businesses, we will give as much notice as possible.

See Maps:
Water & Sewer Upgrades

 Dawson 2020 WS Projects





1.   Fifth Avenue Sanitary Sewer Upgrades (King to Princess)

Schedule:   August 2018 to mid-September 2018 (contract awarded to Norcope)

Approximately 270 metres of sewer main pipe will be replaced along Fifth Avenue, from King Street to Princess Street. Water and sewer services to property line will be replaces and a number of new water and sewer manholes will be installed. In addition to the rebuilding of the road, road signs and landscaping will also be replaced.